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Listed below is a small portion of the businesses we have sold.  Many owners would like to keep the sale confidential and we honor that request.

Sold $20,000,000
Sold $1,000,000
Sold $20,000,000

Sold $750,000

Acquisition from Bausch and Lomb
Sold to American Dental Products
Singer Business Brokers sold our business for three times what the next best offer was from another broker!
Two brokers each took six months with no results, Singer old our business in three months!
The sale was much easier than running the business!  Thank You Singer Business Brokers!
Despite a down tern in the economy, Singer Business Brokers stuck with us and helped us sell our business.
Thanks Singer Business Brokers, you sold our business for more than we paid for it!  You took care of the paperwork and legal issues.  Thanks!
Our Carvel Store was actually closed and Singer Business Brokers sold it for twice what we could have liquidated it for!
After listing with another broker, Singer  Business Brokers came in and sold our business in three days!
Singer Business Brokers evaluated our Quiznos Franchise, promoted it and sold it, just as they said they would!
After listing with another broker, Singer Business Brokers came in and sold our business so we could move on with our lives!
Singer Business Brokers met with us and understood that we needed to sell our business.  They kept us informed and sold our business quickly.
Despite the difficulties from Curves Corporate, Singer Business Brokers, took care of everything.
I needed to sell my business right away.  Singer Business Brokers came in and found me a buyer!!!
It came down to either close or sell.  Singer Business came in with a cash buyer and the process was quick!
Aunt Sarah's When Corporate said to sell!  Singer Business Brokers came in and helped us sell all of our locations and the franchise rights.
Richmond, VA
Downtown, Richmond, VA
Nice Family Restaurant
Coffee House and Cafe in

Richmond, VA

Cheeburger Cheeburger located in

Henrico, VA

Henrico, VA
Midlothian, VA
Many Locations

Your business could be listed here.  Our quickest sale actually took less than one week!

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Employment Opportunities:

- We are currently looking to expand our sales staff in Virginia and the Carolinas.

- Social Media marketing profiessional.